Date Anxiety 
Quaint Magazine (archived page)

news & entertainment

From "beach body" to "beach-body brain," women just can't win with beauty marketing
Paste Magazine

Washington D.C. restaurants embrace scandal as business model
Paste Magazine

The glam girl's guide to protesting in Trump's America 
Satire, Indivisible Movement

An Ode to Taylor Doose 
Guest blog, Keeping Up With the Content newsletter

CU Police light on sex crime 
CU Independent


I Ship It: Slash Writing as a Critical Tool in Media Fandom
Literary undergraduate honors thesis exploring the contemporary fan practice of slash fiction, or homoerotic fan fiction. Analytic investigation of thematic trends, the influece of technology and the positive impact slash writing exerts upon identity representation in pop culture media.

Public speaking

Why English Matters in 2015
English Dept. valedictory speech, CU-Boulder

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