Sweat the small stuff.

Like any Colorado kid who spent her formative weekends hiking up mountain paths with only her companions for entertainment, I know how important it is to tell a good story. 

Today I take that storytelling spirit with me everywhere, and I set myself apart by working to get the little things right. I understand that the smallest details can make the biggest differences, and I chase down those details like they're M&M's in the trail mix bag.

I currently work as a digital communications specialist at the Biden Foundation, where I run our social media accounts, guide our online messaging, and strive every day to live up to Vice President Biden and Dr. Biden's incredible example of public service. In 2016, I moved out to DC and worked as a public affairs trainee at Kivvit, a nationally ranked public relations and communications firm. I also have years of experience as a freelance writer, editor, copywriter, and social media strategist.

I graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor's in English literature from the University of Colorado—Boulder. I wrote my undergraduate honors thesis about slash fiction, a central facet to participatory fan culture, and developed an expertise in contemporary media studies. I was the Opinion section editor of the CU Independent, worked the field for two political campaigns, and took internships at local media companies making their stamp in a big town.

I write best about gender, new media, and literature. I edit best in AP style. I'm seeking writing and editorial opportunities forward-thinking and inclusive organizations. I'm always down to hear a great story.